About Riviera Yachts

What sets Riviera apart as one of the world’s great luxury motor yacht builders? Is it the devotion to quality, standard of materials used, the ocean tested structural strength, unsurpassed ease of operation, or the stylish, handcrafted luxury finish? Or perhaps it’s the famous culture of care that transforms owners into the ‘Riviera family’.

The answer is all of the above, and more. Much, much more.

Over 37 years and the building of over 5200 luxury motor yachts, the 500-strong Riviera team have been on a continuous quest of evolution and refinement. This remarkable heritage of knowledge matched by innovation allows us to marry the best of the time proven with the exciting and new.


A Passion for Excellence

Located on the Gold Coast, Queensland we build on the notable Australian qualities of strength, practicality and love of water in the continent completely surrounded by ocean and sea. Then we test our designs in some of the toughest offshore conditions on earth. Hardly surprising that Rivera luxury motor yachts command impressive resale values worldwide.

Now nearing 40 years of continual operation. Riviera invests significantly in developing new models that reflect an unparalleled passion for excellence in all areas of design, technology, sea-keeping ability and performance, as well as luxury livability and unrivaled owner care.

Gulf Coast Riviera

SYS Yacht Sales is the exclusive distributor for Riviera Yachts on the U.S. Gulf Coast and West Coast of Florida. SYS employs a team of experienced Riviera specialists to help owners find the yacht of their dreams. Contact SYS for more information on the Riviera brand and current models available.
  • A team of factory-trained sales professionals
  • Over 30 years in the yacht sales industry
  • Dedicated to finding the right Riviera to suit your needs
  • Lifelong client support and dedication to your satisfaction